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at Nomad Stages

At Nomad Stages, we believe that students who participate in the arts learn skills that will help them become lifelong learners and community leaders.  While our students learn skills in dance, music, and theatre, they are also learning to set goals, work effectively with others, solve problems, gain self confidence and more.

We recognize that only a small percentage of our students will become professional dancers, musicians and performers. However, all of our students will become professional people! At Nomad Stages, we strive to ensure that our students learn the skills they need to become the most successful people they can be. 

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Leadership Program

At Nomad Stages once students have completed our Fundamentals Program and are invited into our additional training programs they are considered to be part of our "Leadership" team at the studio. 

These young leaders are given the responsibility to help model positive behaviours and leadership principals to our younger students. 

Senior students who excel in this area will be provided with additional opportunities to develop their skills through our Dance Teacher Assistant program and special leadership experiences. 


Focus Areas

Every month our studio will have a new focus which will help our students develop as leaders. These focus areas will include respect, collaboration, goal setting, problem solving and more. 

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What Our Parents Say

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