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Dance  Classes in Deer Lake

Nomad Stages now offers dance classes in Deer Lake.  We offer classes for ages 2 - 18 in Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz. We will be offering Jazz for Adults.


We are excited that we now offer dance classes in Deer Lake!  We will be offering trial classes every Sunday afternoon.  To get added to one of these trials, complete the form below and our Student Success Advisor will contact you as soon as possible to get you scheduled for your trial.  The trial class costs $19.99 plus tax. Students will get to try Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary styles of dance or Creative Movement for Pre-School students. After the trial, our staff will help you decide which classes are the best fit.  Students who participate in this paid trial class can receive 50% off their first pair of shoes. 

Complete this form to get booked for your trial!





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